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CreateAbility Inc

UX Manager
CreateAbility Inc.

As a User Experience Manager for CreateAbility Inc., I work with amazing users, developers, researchers, and engineers to help evolve and drive best practices, proven design standards, and accessible interface patterns across the entire product experience journey to help create life-changing enabling technology apps.

My Specialties

1. User Experience Design
  • Balancing development resources, research findings, & human-centered design goals to build novel and usable solutions.

  • Working jointly with development and research teams to identify and execute design criteria.

  • Collaborating with people with disabilities to learn how to remove barriers within our products.

2. Client Support Management
  • Bringing product & support solutions to clients in a concise, genial, and uncomplicated fashion.

  • Mapping support interactions into the user's journey to determine the most actionable & impactful usability improvements.

  • Reducing cost-per-ticket by authoring support materials and implementing automated support tools.

3. UX & Marketing Integration
  • Defining, planning, and creating app demonstrations.

  • Writing and conducting product training for clients & users, producing webinars, mock-up, and explainer materials.

  • Identifying beneficial opportunities for unifying marketing channels into the user's journey

  • Visual development of the brand and its products.



Flourish serves as a tool to establish succinct goals for the people care professionals serve, and provide measurement/feedback on their progress

Its all about the people

Striving to be a good leader for CreateAbility is a continually humbling, enlightening and positive journey for me.

The challenging work and wonderful people continue to help me develop as a product designer, user advocate, and as a person. What drives me every day is the hope and motivation to return the favor to my teammates, clients and users.

 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller