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Design Intern

The Kid Friendliest
Search Engine Ever

I had a wide range of responsibilities while helping to create the kid-friendliest internet ecosystem; from user interface and visual design, to art direction and interactive animations…

Artboard 1.png
Making them feel like a Superhero

The key problem for this project was developing a creative direction that was accessible to children of all ages and genders. Our team went through innumerable rounds of research, iterations and discussions. The final product is contemporary, playful, stylized, and acts as canvas for game-like exploration, interaction, and themes.

Getting by With a Little Help…

Seekadoo's UI is designed in mind with the principle that familiar design patterns simplify the learning process; an ideal phenomenon to take advantage of for a children's app. Paying close attention to best practices for search engine UI while implementing features like keyword suggestions and synonyms facilitates Seekadoo's usability and usefulness for children.

Seekadoo uses a unique mascot to act as a helpful guide and entertaining companion for children to navigate the user interface with. In addition to helping conceive of the visual design for the mascot, I also created an animation rig to bring Seekadood to life throughout Seekadoo collateral.