Design Intern

Suits & Sandals Website Redesign

My responsibilities in this project as Design Intern for Brooklyn-based digital agency Suits & Sandal were in researching and designing the layout and content of client case studies, mocking-up work with professional craft, and conducting QA for site-wide type and color.

Framing the Problem

In my research I learned the most effective case studies featured content that emphasized the client’s problem, demonstrated a process narrative and presented a clever approach to a solution proven by results. This general outline successfully formed the structure of the case studies.

Understanding a Brand

Creating the case studies for a design agency required learning to embody the strengths of our client’s brand voice while simultaneously highlighting our own creativity and vision for bringing their brand to life.

Communicating Culture

Designing compelling case studies taught me how a portfolio can be more than sterile mock-ups of devices. Shining a light on our culture by creating retouched images like the one here spark curiosity, elicit empathy and communicate transparency.