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What is Flourish?

Our team designed Flourish to be an incredibly intuitive person-centered planning tool; giving care professionals and loved ones alike the power to easily document the supports that a person with an intellectual disability needs to thrive in the community.

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What Does Flourish Do?

Loved ones can create a stand-alone plan for the person they support locally via the Flourish app, and care professionals can create, issue, and manage multiple person-centered plans from the cloud. The supported person can keep their plan with them and use built in screen reading features to review and reference the plan.

Creating Flourish

​Understanding Flourish's source literature and converting key qualitative and quantitative research findings into core user interactions were the basis of the Flourish design journey.

Through a user-centered iterative design process combined with contextual inquiries of how prototypes address users' behaviors and needs, we crafted a usable and useful solution that our clients and users love.

Defining the Flourish Brand

Our mission for the Flourish brand was to mesh a functional and aesthetically usable design system with a memorable brand voice that celebrates and inspires our users to flourish, while honoring the literary origin of Flourish's person-centered plan approach

Giving Context & Support

Support is a key tool in our product design toolbox. We treat support as our chance to improve the user’s experience, by documenting support interactions and mapping them into the user journey. Visualizing where users encountered negative touchpoints present us with actionable fixes, and guides how we author and organize support materials.

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Delivering Results

Flourish was delivered to our clients at Trinity Services & High Tide Press, on schedule and with a high level of quality. Upon receipt, our clients immediately incorporated Flourish into their organization's care operations and funded Flourish for another phase of enhancement development