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An iPad App for Special Educators

Nestling is an application that helps special educators teach skills for independent living. Nestling can automatically record, evaluate, and share student performance of everyday tasks.




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Nestling helps guide students through a library of pre-made tasks and visual aids. Creating aids and tasks is a quick & intuitive process.

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Nestling can also record video of your student completing tasks as you teach them. These videos can be used as visual aids in proceeding  sessions.

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Nestling notifies teachers when students fall behind individual education plan goals and also shares performance data between teachers and parents.

Eliminating Negative Touchpoints

I asked a special educator to map out a task analysis experience. This tactic revealed what couldn’t be found in interviews or other explicit lines of inquiry; creating phases of instruction and collecting and reviewing task analysis performance data are the most difficult of conducting Task

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Building a Robust Digital Learning Experience

Nestling's research and process journey is the embodiment of leveraging user experience design to create a novel and useful solution. It represents the intersection of ethnographic research, observation, competitive analysis, and a breadth of qualitative and quantitative research tactics. Read more about Nestling's creation process here.

Empowering Special Educators

The current way special educators teach students tasks for independent living is costly and consumes hours of time per day creating and organizing visual aids and evaluating student performance. Nestling eliminates these issues in three innovative ways…

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Developing a Research Strategy to find the "Big Picture"

Nestling’s research origins date back to autumn 2018, when it’s predecessor, TAP proved the concept of automating video self modeling, task analysis and task data evaluation in augmented reality. TAP’s primary research journey was purely ethnographic; relying on interviews with two special educators to guide branding, User Experience and User Interface & Interaction.

I realized that to have a brand and user experience that is maximally useful and usable, I needed a strategy that provides insights deeper than what is explicitly stated by the target user. I selected research tactics that observed special educators for tacit information and indirectly found negative touchpoints in the experience. With enough research,I was able to find the “big picture” of functional and design criteria.


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Onboarding Intro
Onboarding Intro

This screen tells the user who the app is for and what it does

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Dashboard Popovers
Dashboard Popovers

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